Hall Of Fame (LEGEND)

Title probably looks terrible, but I’m excited, so I don’t really mind it too much. Hopefully it isn’t too bothersome.

~I have exciting news~

Legend Trophy

medal legendpose

I probably can’t explain how excited I am (even though I’ll probably get knocked out next Monday), so I’ll just leave this post with the pictures above.



Fantage: Grand Winter Ball

Hello! Here’s all the event info you will (probably) need. If not, feel free to comment any questions.

There will be a limo downtown, and you can take it to the castle (or go there yourself, that’s cool too). Once you get there you will get a stamp. At the end of the event, if you get everyday,  you will receive a medal and a prize. The medal is up to 10 without membership, and up to 20 with membership.event 8

Limited items:

event 2

event 7

Decorations and areas:

The terrace (right picture) requires membership to access. It’s just decoration, there’s no special features up there. Although while we’re on the topic of membership, here’s the pm gift for January:






Fantage: New Year 2018

The year is already coming to a close, though I can’t really believe it. This is the last event of 2017.

The basic information:

event infoI actually really like the new year board. Pretty glad it doesn’t say a year on it, that way I can reuse it.

I’m sad there’s no medal, but also glad it wasn’t a stamp-book event, given how unusually late this event was yesterday (or was it released early today?). I vote early today, because we have a major glitch.

limited itemsHeels are highlighted because you can’t even buy them. You can only see the boys version. You can’t actually purchase them, though. If you do click purchase you won’t get a confirmation message, you won’t lose gold, and naturally it won’t be in your inventory. Though you probably shouldn’t. Glitches should not be played with.

blue shoes

I tried for experimental purposes (and lowkey hoping it’d give me the right heels), but you really shouldn’t. It can’t be bought, and probably shouldn’t be played with. Messing with this is at your own risk. I doubt you would get banned for trying, but don’t  intentionally mess up Fantage.

(There are some things that are never a good idea. Though while we are on the topic of weird items, I have the same question about a board literally called “empty board”. It can’t be seen when worn, but can be used to avoid wearing a real board. I’ve seen it being sold a few times, and I’ve seen users without boards in MyMyall. I personally don’t feel comfortable getting one. I have been playing for 5 years and haven’t seen it before this point, and it isn’t a limited item. I’ll update this post if I find more information on it. Be careful.)

Back to the shoes, it is a good thing it can’t be bought. Something like this happened before, quite a few years ago when an event got released. That got a little messy.

Regardless, no shoes this time, sorry girls.

On a more normal note, you can launch some fireworks, or watch the ball drop on new years eve, at 11:59 pm. Prepare for lag, I’ve seen it for the past couple of years. You will have a slow experience. (I didn’t actually see it drop until three minutes later, my laptop was that frozen. Worry not, I left my account unattended (I recorded it). I didn’t actually miss new years.)

fireworkAnd while I bought fireworks, it appears I wasn’t even looking. Wow, avatar of mine. Wow.



Fantage: Christmas 2017: Part 2

Hello, event post here (I’m trying to find a non-awkward way to start posts, don’t mind me).

full event info.png

Excluding the information from the first part of the event, you can buy some limited items (until the 27th), get on the polar express, and collect a gift on Christmas day.

Here are some pictures:

polar express

inside polar express

mt fantage cabin

Unfortunately, there is no new medal for the second part. So if you want to level up, I guess you will have to do bingo. 😛

No really, do bingo. There’s only 45 people (myself included) who completed it. The top fifty get an extra level. So yeah, do bingo. Four levels isn’t a lot compared to the usual 20 from an event, but anything is useful, right?

On a final note, I’ve cleaned up most of the blog pages, and have started working on a new one that I planned to make early this year (This was long overdue, lol).


Fantage Happy Holidays 2017: Missing Elfie: Answer Key

Done Updating – If you need help with something not on this list, please comment –

I think I’ll just delete my update post, considering how much I enjoy writing events. I can’t just find things and enjoy that, lol. I. Must. Write. Something.

My record for getting the same hint is twice in a row (and this has happened three different times), has anyone gotten three?

Anyways, answer key:

At home: You have to wait a minute or two. It will give you a hint then.

Clean Fantage sign: outside Fantage school

Playing chess: Fantage school – Upstairs

Water Slide: Inside the cruise

Book it or bucket: Fantage school – gym (upstairs)

Cubes and lasers: Qblast (building in downtown)

Three seagulls: The Lighthouse

With a realtor: Castle

Looking at trendsetters: Hall of fame

Playing (playig) a saxophone: Fantage School (upstairs)

With a pumpkin: Jesters costumes (uptown shop)

Buying furniture: Ottomans (uptown shop)

Colorful floor: The palm (building on beach)

With Cody: Pet town

Building in uptown: Hall of fame

Snowboarding: Ski Lodge (Mt. Fantage building)

With a mouse: The castle

Close to poison!: Secret Lab (Here’s a guide: How to get into the lighthouse basement)

Superpower shop: Qblast (building in downtown)

Beside the fountain: pet town

Dying his hair: Stellar salon

Near the puzzles: Inside Arcade

Mymall: Building in uptown

Balloons: The carnival (This one took forever to find, Fantage has quite a few balloons)

Behind the trees: The forest

Chalkboard and an apple: School – ABC room

Maurice: Pet shop (building in pet town)

Dancing on a stage: The palm (building on the beach)

Buying Moodies: Idfone Shop

Bush with flowers: Outside top models (downtown)

Hot springs (sptings): Island Spa

Helicopter: Mt Fantage

Ferris wheel: The carnival

Swimming pool: Cruise ship

Crossroads: Uptown (by the bonus level sign)

Mymall: Inside mymall (A shop in uptown, looks like a present)

Drinking coffee: Star café (building in downtown)

Cafeteria: School – upstairs

Clock Tower: Downtown (don’t ask me why, lol)

Spa: Building on the island

Buying furniture: Ottomans (Shop in uptown)

Star café: Building in downtown (next to qblast)

Playing King me: School café

Beside a soda machine: School Café

Buying Swimsuits: High Tide (Island Shop)

Colorful floor: The palm (building on beach)

Blue Fairy: The grotto

Uptown: Uptown (The place above downtown) – Near Mymall

Building in uptown: Hall of fame

Clubhouse: Inside the building that is next to Fantage school

With other pets: Pet academy (building in pet town)

In-between buildings: Between le shop and stellar salon (downtown).

Roller coaster: The carnival

Beside the pond: Pet town – to the far left

The comet: Comet and co (building on Mt. Fantage).

Cubes and lasers: Qblast (building downtown – former power up shop)

Playing the drums: School music room (upstairs)

Coconut tree: the beach

Wearing lipstick: Stellar salon

Behind mannequins: Pm boutique

Mt. Fantage: Mt Fantage (The big white mountain on top of the map) – to the right

Swan boat: The grotto (building in forest)

Playing with Michelle: Le Shop

Score board: Fantage gym

Playing roulette: Lucky Bob’s

Using a calculator: School – 123 room

Soda Machine: School cafeteria

Stellar: Stellar Salon (building in downtown)

Dying his hair: Stellar salon

With Jamie: Clubhouse (I honestly forgot who Jamie was)

On a sunbed: The island (far right)

An Update

Hello. First of all, this is an update to this blog, not Fantage. They have had updates recently (just to be perfectly clear, lol), this post is just not about them. Sorry if this ends up as a search result.

Quick Summary:  I decided against this a day after I wrote it. I’m going to keep it for a couple of days (as an explanation of some kind, I guess) .

So this blog is over two years old. And I haven’t posted in at least a month. I should have learned to keep a posting schedule by now. When I have posted, I never took the time (in recent months) to update the pages, or fix old posts. So it’s a mix of relevant and irrelevant stuff ranging from 2 years ago to a few months ago.

Now, second of all, this is still going to be a Fantage (only) blog. I’m also going to be cleaning/rewriting/updating or removing pages. I used to post events every time they came out, but since I play more for the fashion and (sometimes) level up features, I’ll probably be posting more of that than actual events.

Just an update. 🙂