existGood news! Though I did not get a response, I don’t mind because the ban was lifted from my account sometime this morning.

The butterfly items are also very beautiful, so I will post about that later.



Hall Of Fame (LEGEND)

Title probably looks terrible, but I’m excited, so I don’t really mind it too much. Hopefully it isn’t too bothersome.

~I have exciting news~

Legend Trophy

medal legendpose

I probably can’t explain how excited I am (even though I’ll probably get knocked out next Monday), so I’ll just leave this post with the pictures above.



Welcome To FantageMemepony!

First of all, Welcome!

I’m Meme(pony9), and I’ve been running this blog Since April 22nd 2015. Blogging and Fantage are two of my biggest hobbies, so you can expect this blog to be around a very, very, very long time.


Current Blog Projects:

Attempting to make posts on time 😛

Making a new header image and site icon



New Shop Items

I forgot to post about the butterfly event until after like 2-3 days, so I didn’t even bother with it.

Here’s the new items, though:new stuffI found out the board shop shows all items at once, so that was the best way to go. I strongly recommend the boardwalk set. ~Memepony9~


Regarding My Account (Important)

Logged on to this ugly message:

scareI admit, I was terrified. I just stared at my screen for a few moments, wondering if I had somehow logged into the wrong account, or if it were going to vanish and let me on.

So I sent an email:

emailAnd now just to wait…

Their response to this email determines whether or not this blog will continue on. I have considered writing about random subjects or games in the past, but there’s been no game that I’ve cared about as much as Fantage, and it really wouldn’t be the same, not after all this time.

This came at a pretty bad time too, there was only a day or so left before getting the Graduation medal.

All that’s left to do now is wait. I shall see within a few days, I’m hoping.




Fantage: Graduation

This post is like, three days late? My laptop hasn’t been letting me use my normal version of internet explorer, and the other version is painfully slow. So I have only been getting the daily attendance, because five minutes of 1990’s internet speed is too much. (This is mostly a joke, I didn’t use the internet back then)

I’m not really sure what caused all of that, no viruses, no temporary files, no nothing; but it’s all working fine now.

event n1.pngYou will get a stamp for going to the cruise, and for going to the palm (the dance club at the beach). If you log on everyday, you will receive a prize (not specified) and a medal.

There are also items to celebrate:

event n2I’m not quite sure how swimsuits are relevant to graduation, but I really like the second suit, so I won’t be complaining.