existGood news! Though I did not get a response, I don’t mind because the ban was lifted from my account sometime this morning.

The butterfly items are also very beautiful, so I will post about that later.



Hall Of Fame (LEGEND)

Title probably looks terrible, but I’m excited, so I don’t really mind it too much. Hopefully it isn’t too bothersome.

~I have exciting news~

Legend Trophy

medal legendpose

I probably can’t explain how excited I am (even though I’ll probably get knocked out next Monday), so I’ll just leave this post with the pictures above.



Welcome To FantageMemepony!

First of all, Welcome!

I’m Meme(pony9), and I’ve been running this blog Since April 22nd 2015. Blogging and Fantage are two of my biggest hobbies, so you can expect this blog to be around a very, very, very long time.


Current Blog Projects:

Attempting to make posts on time 😛

Making a new header image and site icon



Fantage Halloween – Part two

I tried to publish this two days ago, but first my images wouldn’t insert, or publish, then my computer’s WordPress wouldn’t even load. So I transferred it to a word document, sent it to my phone to publish, only to find out the publish button was broken on mobile as well. Not a fun week for blogging, but at least this post is finally getting out there.

phone 1


phone 2

teddy bearphone 3


Fantage: Halloween part 1

Hello, Fantage did load for me today, (for a little while, anyways) so here’s some information about our event.3 Items first. The first set can be bought with gold or stars, the second set is gold only.

Fantage has been re-decorated for Halloween, with the beach and castle being highlighted.

2 event

(freaking out over the hidden spider, because who wouldn’t?)

1Don’t worry, I’m just feeling a little “small” today. Maybe my puns are “shrinking” your fears of a Halloween event? Okay, enough puns.

On a final note, wouldn’t it be cool to have a pumpkin balloon like the ones beside my character (on the beach)?



Ddos (For the second time now)

I went to check for new events and was greeted with this ugly message. ddosI find the message to be a little choppy: “but in some area, the log on may not be smooth as usual” but it could just be rushed.

I don’t really see this as a need to panic though, it happened before about 2 years ago. I’d say the news message is an improvement, since nobody new what was happening last time (and we all assumed Fantage was shutting down, lol).

Hopefully Fantage will be back soon, though, it will not let me online.



Fantage: Royal Chance Mission

Today Fantage released an event called Royal Chance. Let’s get started.

First of all, the game basics.

missionYou are given five cards for each game. Three Kawaii (queen), One Cody (king), and one Jester (joker). The images show that king beats queen, queen beats joker, and joker beats king; but for whatever reason, it’s working reverse.

So for now, King beats Joker, Joker beats Queen, and Queen beats King. It’s confusing, I know. So you will have a mission each day. It will be something like “win five games in a row” or “lose three games in a row”. Getting a draw, or doing the opposite of your goal will require you start your mission over.

The first prize I got was 1,000 stars.

There is a medal, and it’s extremely easy to get. I got 11 medals from winning three games.

medalsKind of glitched, though.

There are some royalty based items for this event.

items eventIf the print is too hard to read:

  • Crown in 2,000 gold.
  • Hair is 4,000 gold.
  • Dress is 5,000 gold.
  • Shoes are 1,500 gold.
  • Board is 3,000 gold.